Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding is the process of changing or updating the corporate identity of a company.




Rebranding your business can be an intimidating prospect, but when we break it down into small manageable steps it is a useful and necessary part of keeping your business up to date and relevant in our fast-paced world.

Now, if you’re thinking: “There is no way I can completely change my whole brand in one go!” stick around, that is not what we’re getting at here. Think of rebranding as spring cleaning for your corporate identity. You may decide to completely refresh your brand, or you may only need to update certain aspects of your brand. Let’s look at the 4 key aspects of rebranding:


Defining your brand:

Before you can begin with the practical implementation of rebranding you need to make sure you have a solid foundation to work from. Ask yourself the following questions to define your brand: What are your key products or services? Who is your target market? What problem does your business solve for your target market? Once you have defined your brand you can decide which aspects of your brand need to be updated.


Your brand image:

Brand image is the visual component of your corporate identity, this includes your logo, stationery, website, social media posts and all visual advertising. Your brand image should be appealing to your target market and it should clearly represent the industry that you are in as well as the products or services that you offer. If the look and feel of your brand does not appeal to your target market and clearly represent your business offerings, then you should consider rebranding.


Your online presence:

Online presence is one of the most important aspects of your brand to keep up to date. Your website and social media platforms will be the first place most potential clients see and communicate with you brand. It is also the fastest evolving platform, with new technology developing almost weekly. While it is not necessary to be on every single online marketing platform, you should ensure that the platforms you have chosen will effectively communicate your message directly to your target market and that you use them well. If your website does not have a responsive mobile layout and you hear crickets every time you post on Facebook it might be time to update your online presence.


Brand communication:

Just like all other aspects of your brand, the way you communicate (what we call your tone of voice) should be determined by your target market and industry. Let’s compare two big brands for example: Popular airline Kulula has a very laid back and humorous tone of voice when communicating with their middle-class target market about their more affordable flights. In contrast, financial services group Investec, has a much more serious and professional tone of voice when communicating with their higher income target market.


It is important that every touch point with your target market from emails to blog posts and billboards has a tone of voice that represents your brand identity in the best way possible.

Now that you have assessed the different aspects of your brand identity you can make an informed decision on how to rebrand your business. Rebranding is a process that should be taken one step at a time and when done correctly it is an incredibly rewarding way to grow and evolve your business.